Properly set time parameters in the Time tab are key for corrently working planning function. Please verify that the time set here corresponds to reality, otherwise the actions in your plan will not be triggered when you expect it.

Daylight saving mode

Choose the summer and winter time setting mode. E.g. Choose Auto EU for the EU. Changes in time during the year then SMARWI will be done automatically.

Time zone

Time zone. Select the SMARWI installation time shift over UTC. .. note:: For the Czech Republic the correct value is + 1hour

NTP Server

The URL for the server for automatic time synchronization


We do not recommend changing settings without the administrator’s instruction. This service is available only in Wi-Fi Client mode and with Internet access.

Set time from browser

Use this setting only in Wi-Fi AP mode or Wi-Fi Client mode without Internet access. In this case, the exact time is taken from the device that you used for setting up SMARWI (for example, from your mobile phone, PC etc.).