The Basic tab contains basic parameter settings, such as device name, SMARWI access data, its network connection, and

Device name

In the field, enter a name choosed for your SMARWI. Under this name, SMARWI will be displayed on the main screen and in all application forms. Choose a name that will be unique & specific6, especially if you have more devices in the list. An example of the name: “SMARWI in the kitchen” or “Window in the kitchen”


Wi-Fi network name setting for AP mode. After changing the SSID, a network with this name appears in the list of available networks on your mobile device or personal computer.

AP Password

The field allows you to set a password for logging in to SMARWI WiFi networks in AP mode. The pre-set password when purchasing a new SMARWI is: 12345678


The AP SSID and AP Password settings are available only when AP mode is selected. Remember, in AP mode SMARWI creates named Wi-Fi network while SMARWI is not connected to your home Wi-Fi network at that time. The AP mode serves mainly to set up a home network connection and to switch SMARWI to Client mode.

Select Wi-Fi network

SMARWI displays a list of available Wi-Fi networks around you. Select the network you want to connect from the list. If your network is not listed, enter the network name manually in the box.

Wi-Fi Password

Enter a password to connect to your Wi-Fi network.


Items Select Wi-Fi network and Wi-Fi Password are only available when in Wi-Fi set to Client mode. SMARWI will find only a limited network list based on the strength of the signal from the strongest. It is possible that your network, ie the router, is too far away, or has too weak a signal, so it does not get on the list

WiFi mode

Select the desired AP or Client Wi-Fi mode. In order for SMARWI to connect to your home network and the Internet, you need to have Client mode set.

Remote ID

If you have your account created in the service, fill in ID you have received during registration.

Remote KEY

If you have your account created in the service, fill in Key you have received during registration.


To control SMARWI from anywhere, you need to register at and creat an account. With this account, you will be able to manage, plan and control your SMARWI anywhere you have access to the Internet.