The tab allows you to set additional parameters such as a server to connect to your online account, time period when SMARWI will not be connected using Wi-Fi or approximate coordinates of your location.

Broker Server

Server service address (default set to, which allows you to remotely control SMARWI over the Internet from your online account.


Do not change the settings without prompting the Administrator. Vektiva s.r.o. (This is a broker in the MQTT concept)

Incorrect setting will cause online service failure

Wi-Fi Off hours

Turn off Wi-Fi streaming. By turning off the clock when Wi-Fi is turned off in the device, you reduce the amount of electromagnetic smog.


At selected time, WiFi is off and SMARWI can not be controlled from any device. In this mode, SMARWI works independently according to your plan. After end of Wi-Fi off period, connection is restored.

Latitude a Longtitude

Setting SMARWI global position (latitude and longitude). Setting up your global position will enable you to use advanced features like weather forecast, sunrise and sunset, etc. in the future. The position is only indicative, just a city or an approximate location.

Fill in the latitude and longitude value in the decimal number format.


how to find coordinates. Go to, then select a position, right-click the position and select “What’s Here” in the menu. The GPS position information is displayed. E.g. for Prague: 50.032535 ​​(first part of the coordinate) and 14.562030 (second part of the coordinate)