Plans settings

If your SMARWI device is already installed and set up, you can program it to perform automated tasks according to your needs. The program on a SMARWI device is called a plan. SMARWI allows you to create a total of four schedules (with pre-defined names PLAN1,PLAN2,PLAN3,PLAN4). At one time, SMARWI can follow just one active plan.

If you want to set plans, select Plan in the menu. Then, you’ll see a form for setting schedules. See Plans picture.


Plan structure

Schedule is divided into parts where time intervals are set when something is to be done, ie Weekly Calendar (MON,TUE,…SUN tabs) and the part, where you set what should be done (Activities tab).

Weekly calendar

In this part of the plan you will enter the time intervals in which SMARWI will perform your assigned tasks. It is really easy. Imagine you are planning activities in personal calendar for each day of the week. (E.g.: every Monday from 9:00 till 10:00 you have a regular meeting) In case of SMARWI you plan when to ventialte.

The weekly calendar is divided into seven parts, each for one day of the week denoted by the abbreviation of the day (MON, TUE … SUN).

Now let’s plan. Think about when SMARWI should ventilate and insert your planned ventilation intervals.

Planning process

  1. Select the day of the week by clicking on the tag nemed MON … SUN
  2. Click the button “+” (left lower corner). SMARWI adds plan item. See Plans picture. (Note: SMARWI arranges plan items according to start time from left to right and down. If the newly inserted plan item was not saved (Save button), it remains on the same postion. After saving the changes, it is put in the correct position by time.
  3. Select Start Time and Finish Time from left to right. Insert time in the format hour:minute (HH:MM). Click into the imput field and fill in the time values.
  4. Select Aktivity from [select action] option list.


This option list contains activities defined in Activities section.

SMARWI has by default predefined activity called Ventilate. Therefore, if no additional activity has been added, the selection will only contain this activity.

  1. Set input value into the field marked [%] in left botton part of the plan.


The preset Ventilate opens the ventilation window at a distance corresponding to the maximum distance set by percentage of opening.

  1. Safe the plan by clicking on Save button.


SMARWI does not allow to specify a time interval at the turn of the day, e.g. from 23:00 till 1:00. This situation can be solved by entering two intervals next to each other as follows: since 23:00 till 23:59 and from 0:00 till 1:00. SMARWI combines all of these intervals into one, ie it does not interrupt the selected activity in the plan.

Same plan for multiple days

SMARWI lets you share a plan for one day to ther days. For example, if you ventilate from Monday to Friday the same way, only Monday ventilation is planned. For the other days simply select Monday plan.

Procedure: 1. Mark the day in the plan that will have the same ventilation cycle by clicking day tab (MON…SUN)

  1. simply select the day in field called: … or do the same as on [day]. Your plan for the selected day will be the same as the plan in the day … or do the same as on [day].
  2. Save changes by clicking Save button

Plan activation

In Plans, you can create four schedules for different situations. For example, in summer, ventilation intervals will be different than in winter, or the ventilation mode during your holiday is different from the normal working week.

SMARWI will execute a plan that you mark as active (the tab of the active plan is marked with an asterisk). You can activate the currently selected plan using the Activate button.

How to activate a plan

  1. Select the plan you want to activate by clicking on one of the tabs: PLAN1…PLAN4
  2. Click Activate button. SMARWI indicates the selected plan by an asterisk placed before plan’s name. E.g. *PLAN1


Work with plans is further facilitated by the Copy and Paste plan buttons. Their features are similar to Windows, MS Word, and so on.

Pause/Run active plan

Use Run/Stop all plans to pause or re-active your plans. This feature is useful, for example, if you want to control SMARWI manually, close window or actual plan is not suitable for current situation at home.

The suspended plan is labeled paused on the SMARWI panel.

Example: I need to close all windows, no matter when it’s scheduled in the plan.


Click Activities to define your own activities in the form of logical functions. For the purpose of the SMARWI function, as an actuator allowing window ventilation control, we have pre-configured the Ventilate function with the percentage of opening parameter [%].

This manual does not contain a description of creating your own activities. The activities will be described in detail for advanced users, in line with the introduction of the HUB, Sensors and other Action Members. We are giving our users the opportunity to create their own comprehensive rules for the full automation of their smart home / business / environment.